About Us

“We are Toni Van Dam and Jorrit Vlas, the creators of Kings of the Ocean and Shark Attack The Game. We have always been passionate about marine life and sharks since our childhood. Therefore, we believe that it is our responsibility to combat plastic pollution that harms the oceans and marine creatures. With our products like Shark Attack The Game, our goal is to spread joy while making efforts to safeguard the oceans.

By buying and using our products, you can contribute to our cause because for every product sold, we are able remove half a kilogram of ocean-bound waste from nature.”

Our Mission

Kings of the Ocean is on a mission to tackle the ocean plastic crisis in a unique and fun way. We fund our mission through the sales of our sustainable products and by partnering with like-minded companies who share our passion.

By supporting Kings of the Ocean, you become a vital part of our collective effort to protect our precious oceans and create a cleaner, healthier future for generations to come.

Our Team

Toni van Dam


Jorrit Vlas


Rosie Anami

Operations (Kenya)

Cleaning crew

Our beloved cleaning crew!

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